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Ernesto Ornelas moved to the east coast in 2010 from Santa Ana, CA. to pursue a collegiate wrestling career attending Springfield Tech Community College and University of Southern Maine. He holds a brown belt in Choi Shin Do and is the resident boxing coach at Choi’s. He offers 20 years of amateur and professional boxing experience gained through training in world class gyms and with world class fighters. He believes in and implements use and exploration of different styles and traditions to continue to hone his craft and bring relevant material to his students. Ernesto has had 85 amateur and 2 professional boxing fights and 10 professional mixed martial arts fights.

Boxing class is all skill levels and includes technique building and refinement, conditioning drills and strategizing. You can expect a vigorous warm up, mirror work, classic boxing and gym drills, group pad work and a short strength and conditioning circuit. Bring a water bottle and wear shorts, a t-shirt, and hand wraps. Class is taught in bare feet in a mat room.

Private instruction with Ernesto is a paired down intensified version of the above class description. It is a concentrated workout personalized to meet your needs and skill level as a fighter and student. To find out more about Ernesto’s private MMA classes, contact him at 714-376-9555, message him on facebook or email him at

Henry Clark

10th Planet Purple Belt

Henry Clark is a 10th Planet purple belt and has his purple belt in Choi Shin Do. He has been training grappling for 6 years and also competes as an amateur MMA fighter proudly representing The Choi Institute. Monday night is the perfect way to start out your week with the focus of class being on the students. Depending on who is in class the techniques taught are tailored to the skill level and growth of the class. There is always the constant drilling of basic principles and ideas and the introduction of advance technique to challenge students and get them thinking outside the box. The second half of class is live rolling putting what we’ve drilled the previous hour into practice.


Friday’s class consists of grappling technique and sparring. Saturday’s class consists of dead zones and shark tanks ( where we drill important techniques/positions to build technical conditioning/resistance and muscle memory). I have been training in different martial arts including Aikido, Judo, Sambo, traditional Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ, Grappling, Boxing, Muay Thai, 10thplanet jj, and MMA since 2004. My private classes are tailored to the individual’s needs; as more attention is given to the individual, the learning process is usually faster.