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LGBTQ+ and Women’s Classes

Sundays from 4-5:30 a beginner level, donation class for women will be offered. Bianca will be teaching physical and energetic self defense techniques and body mechanics focused on building strength and confidence. During this class The Choi institute will be open only to all women and girls ages 13 and up, including those of African American, Latin American, Asian, Native American, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and African decent in an effort to provide a sense of safety and security to explore self defense free of masculine energy. Minor students may want to have a female family member or friend present but are welcome to come on their own after a parent has signed a permission form.
This class will have a slow but steady build through the weeks in technique, body mechanics, awareness and physical and energetic strength. Coming consistently will offer the best opportunity to see personal progress and increase muscle memory, confidence and fitness levels.

This is a donation based class, unless you are already a student of the Choi institute. I (Bianca Pastrana) am donating my time, and any proceeds go to paying for the space and equipment use at the school, where I am offering the Self Defense Sundays class to women and teen girls. I love this school and my fellow students and teachers. So much so that I want to make it available to those who would be least likely to venture in bc of the typical vibe associated with MMA schools and training gyms in general. I hope to show all ladies who visit there is a place for them here in my home town that will offer them something vital and rich and fortifying in this current climate. This is not a typical MMA environment, otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed and fallen in love so deeply with this practice and aspect of warriorship. We as women need to cultivate protection for ourselves and each other. We are a family at Choi’s. I and my fellow teachers and the owner wish to extend that family to include any woman or girl who wishes to learn self defense. 

Bianca is a mentor and 11 year veteran of the healing arts community working and living in the Portland area. She reconnected with a missing aspect of her love warrior self after joining the Choi Institute in June 2015. Find out more about her and her healing arts practice at

“My plan is to have an ongoing open policy with my students to co-create classes that offer a safe environment to learn self defense while having fun. My goal is to show each student that they can achieve more than they thought they could with positivity, gentle patience and determination. It is time for us to remember how strong and capable we truly are and learning self defense is one way to do that. I am looking forward to working with each student and helping each individual to grow into their next level of integrated practical ability!”